Monday, January 11, 2010

God and your bod

Today is a "but my flesh is so weak" day.

Ben's developed some nasty allergies here. Not sure what the culprit is exactly, but he's feeling yucky and the allergies have turned into a cold.

I've getting absolutely devoured my mosquitoes. I'm wearing 100% Deet spray, re-applying twice a day, wearing long sleeves and long pants, and still getting 5 or so bites each day. That adds up fast. It sucks. The mosquitoes here are very sneaky - they are so quiet and fast they can even bite my face without me realizing it - very unlike Texas mosquitoes. I've implemented a "mosquito assassin" program in my classes whereby every dead mosquito you show me on your palm gets recorded in a competition and will translate into bonus points on some future assignment.

Also, there was an....incident that's making Ben walk a little gingerly today :) . I'll let Ben fill you in on the details, but let's just say it involved a staircase, a flip flop, and Ben. Let your imaginations run wild.

In more body news, he sermon title yesterday at the house church we attended (Christian Service International Fellowship) was "God and your Bod" by Andy Stanley. There was 30 or so people there (including kids), and we sang three worship songs along with a DVD, then watched a video of the sermon. Coffee, socializing. The kids were there with the adults the whole time - interesting. Will that make for more mature kids, "eating solid food" earlier, or confused/bored kids?

Lastly, we got a very generous gift of American Airlines miles this week, and there's a special going on - any time you share miles with someone through the rest of January, you get a 25% bonus that you can give to the recipient or keep for yourself!

We're excited about this week - visiting our first orphanage on Wednesday, going to a "young missionary" Bible study on Thursday, another great week of class, another Cowboys' game to look forward to....

God is so good to me.


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  1. It's so great to see you two doing well and seeing the Lord's continuous favor in your lives!! We are praying for you guys!



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