Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Few Days in Haiti: Photos

This was our descent into Haiti.

Just like Mexico City- a big bowl. See the slums near the water. Anybody with money lives on the mountainside where it is cooler.

Quisqueya! This is the elementary building.

Sweet little French names. Elementary building hooks.

This is the soccer field, the playground, and the administration building. Upstairs in that building is where the computers are.... my saving space.

Our house! Obrahim is the neighborhood handyman - here he is coming to sweep and mop our floor since layers of dust build every day. Note the razor wire and big gate.

Our living room. Still pretty empty, except now we have a kitchen table and chairs where we spend 99% of our evening hours so far. Bars and screens on the windows.

Our kitchen. Now it has a fridge and stove, though the water wasn't working last night... See the frosted glass panels in the windows? You an adjust those for privacy, but windows here don't shut.

The view from our bedroom. Razor wire. This yard has no less than 12 dogs - not exaggerating.

We call this "Haiti Katie". Our front porch. Hair and makeup? What's that?

The little building on the left would house a washer if we had one. I guess we'll put our clothesline in there? Right now its empty. I am greatly comforted by the gage around our front door.

#10 Downing Street, right?

The Eagle Market/Syrian Consulate. We were much encouraged after seeing this place:) Everything is so expensive!

Typical Haiti street.

MANY more to come. It takes about 2 minutes per pictures, so slow and steady will be my photo-posting progress.....


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  1. LOVE the pictures!! I hate that they take so long to load, but keep them coming!! :) Love y'all!!



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