Monday, January 11, 2010

Bruised and Snotty

Katie really wants me to write about my weekend, and I don't mean the Cowboy game, thought it is one of the greatest moments of my last 13 years. (Don't sweat it, getting married is #1)

I have a really annoying sinus cold. It started as my allergies acting up and has mutated into the dripping nose, short of breath, headache that it is now. When it was a wee allergy problem I took a delightful pill called Benadryl to fight it off. On Sunday morning in a wonderful state of Benadryl-coma I slipped and fell down most of our stairs on my back side. Our stairs are tile and I can now tell you solidly constructed. I have a bruise the length of my hand, middle finger to wrist across my left cheek... as if my derriere could look any worse.

It is a wonder everyone here doesn't have allergies with the dust, and the pollution and the constantly burning trash piles... I digress. The real fun is that today I got to teach for most of the day while under the effects of Benadryl. What my students learned I have no idea.

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  1. this is just lovely. Im sure that huge dust cloud you have sitting on you right now after the earthquake is not helping. I hope you find a cure real fast because there is a lot of work to do! Wish I could come help. Sarah Roberts



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