Saturday, December 5, 2009

Matt, Missions, and degrees of seperation

Unless you have been living under an evangelical rock, you know that Matt Chandler had brain surgery this week.

Reading about how he and his family are handling this trial is inspiring, but that should come as no surprise to anyone who has heard him speak at The Village Church or listed to a podcast of his sermon. As Katie and I are getting ready to leave a few people have asked if we are nervous or scared. Matt's attitude is one that I want to have.

Before I share let me be upfront in saying that I really try not to get caught up in the personality cult around him. I probably fail at it, but I try.

Matt had a big impact on me at formative time. Right after college I was very de-churched. I was not really interested in the way church was being done around me. I didn't like my options. Go to churches that didn't feel very real to me and just go through the motions... Doesn't that lead to boring religion and eat at your soul? My other option I thought, was to stop going to church. If there wasn't one I liked I should probably not fake it.

Then through word of mouth I heard about The Village and things changed for me. I don't go there now but for a good year I was regularly in a chair drinking up every word.

Here I am 25 days away from moving to Haiti and I know that getting to where I am now was jump started by The Village Church and Matt Chandler. His passion for Christ, authentic living and his understanding that there are a lot of people who were tired of the way things are being done has made him a favorite pastor of mine and of countless other Millennials.

I am praying for his health, for his families peace, for his doctors wisdom, and for The Village's leadership. Matt has a lot of life a head of him and and I hope more ministry in his future.

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