Monday, December 28, 2009

Go Time

The funny thing?
We're done packing, and there are enough clothes left in the closet to be an entire wardrobe. We are blessed, blessed, blessed.
We fly tomorrow afternoon to Miami. Night in Miami, then on the Port-au-Prince.
Prayers for safe travel, quick (but safe) security screenings, and on-time non-cancelled flights (forecast: wintry mix yuck).



  1. Katie and Ben I am, and have been praying for you and this endeavor. Katie, I was your mom's roommate (or one of them at least) in college.

  2. Can't believe the day is here!! I am beyond excited for you both and can't wait to hear all the amazing things that you are going to experience. I will be checking the blog daily and I can't wait to skype!! LOVE you both bunches and bunches!! Praying for God to do mighty things in your life and those that you will meet!! :)



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