Monday, December 14, 2009

Due to the beauty that is Google Alerts, I learned about a fascinating project included in UTD business professor John Barden's "Financial Information Management" class (frightening title, I know). Dr. Barden's class includes a "Classroom Citizenship and Social Responsibility" component that abides by a set of simple rules:
  • A treasurer will be elected for each class to collect and maintain funds.
  • Each class will elect one charity to receive the donated funds at the semester's end.
  • No baseball caps in class. If you want to wear a baseball cap, the donation is $2 per class.
  • If your cell phone rings, the donation is $10 per class.
  • If you are late for class, the donation is $5 per class.
  • If you want to text in class, the donation is $10 per class.
  • A publisher donates a textbook to each class and the donation is raffled off for $50. Student has 10 days to pay or interest accrues at 1% per week.
Isn't that fascinating? His classes have donated over $9,000 to charity in the past 3 years. This year Buckner received over $700. That's no small thing! Read the story here. Can I do that in Haiti with my classes? Could you do it with high school kids?

Also, my friend Jenny showed me "Haiti: The Cost of Life". A joint venture between Global Kids, Microsoft, and GameLab, this online game was helps you explore what its like to make choices in poverty. You have a family of four, and your goal is to keep them healthy/alive and get an education. It's really cool.


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