Friday, November 27, 2009


Happy Late Turkeyday. Kate and I are so thankful for you. Your prayers. Your insight. Your encouragement. And your donations. We are just a few days away from starting our 1 mouth countdown.

Maybe it is the holiday season, the fact that I have sold 2/3rds of my belongings, or that I am leaving soon and can only take 140lbs of stuff to live on, but I have been obsessed lately with the cost of things.

How much does that shirt cost? Could I justify to my donors the dollars spent on it? Is there a cheaper version? Do I really need it? And cost is not only measured in dollars but also in weight.

If I buy something is it useful in Haiti and is it too heavy that it prohibits me from taking something else?

I had lunch with a good friend on Wednesday and shared some of these questions. He is much wiser than I am and I value his advice. He reminded me that deciding how to use our resources is part of God's Grace in our life, that we have is already His. There are few black and white rules about how to use our stuff, and living in His Grace there is a lot of flexibility in how to use our material blessings if we are seeking what is best for His kingdom.

I want to be well prepared, but I can't pack everything. Even in my suit case I am reminded that I have to live by faith and experience Gods grace and blessing.

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  1. Good words and well said. You two have already given me so much to think/pray about it and you haven't even left yet! That is the power of Christ in your obedience to His call on your lives during this encouraged by Him, His provision and all that He offers us daily! Blessings...



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