Tuesday, November 10, 2009


K has made much about our community lately and I wanted to build upon that thought.

This has been such a time of growth for us and our community at Fellowship because of our vulnerability and their ability and willingness to meet those needs. So often the ideal of community seems so foreign to us because we, as Americans, do not allow ourselves to need anything from any one. This is seen as weakness.

Be honest, when was the last time you had a need and let someone else meet it with out first trying to meet that need yourself? We have been raised to be self reliant, to be independent and to a certain extent these are wonderful traits, but gone unchecked they have brought us to a place where we miss out on so much. We read about the 1st century church in Acts with wrinkled brows because we don't have opportunities to be generous; and people are often not generous to us. (I realize this could be labeled and over simplification, but bear with me I have a word limit.)

Maybe not everyone needs someone to provide a roof over their head for a few months or money to sustain them for a few years, but everyone has a need, emotional or physical, that they cannot meet for themselves. So I challenge you in two ways.

1. Be vulnerable and confess your need to your community.
2. When you hear about a need, act swiftly to meet it with the resources you have.

One will allow you to experience a tangible example of God's Grace, the other will allow you to be a blessing to someone. This is a big part of what community is all about.

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