Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Evites went out today for our upcoming dinner where we'll share the news about our Haiti ministry, pray, share the needs we'll have, and just be together with some of our nearests and dearests.

I've picked the day I'll share the news with my work: Monday, November 2. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men....we'll see. I'm afraid.

In the last 48 hours we made two important documents: our Haiti budget and our will.

We have a friend who is a lawyer, and he graciously made the will for us. We used Kim (a former Quisqueya teacher now living in Dallas)'s budget as a sample, and then edited to fit our needs. One of the tough things about fundraising now (in addition to the fact that this move is hush-hush until we tell our workplaces) is that we have really limited knowledge of what anything will cost in Haiti. We know our apartment will probably be "furnished", but what does that mean? We might have the internet at home, or maybe not. We might have a housekeeper, or maybe not.

So as I pack, I keep asking myself what will stay, what will go- but its only my best guess. Take sheets or buy them there? Can you buy a shower curtain in Port-au-Prince? What about silverware? What about pillows? What about trash cans?

We booked our flights this week. We leave December 29. We can take three bags each: two to check at 50 pounds each, and one to carry on at 40 pounds. All those bags are free since it is an international flight, even though we spend the night in Miami. NO extra bags are allowed because of the holiday season.

One tricky thing: we are looking into buying a trunk to use as one of our checked bags. American Airlines says the length, height and width of a bag in inches must equal 62 inches or less all together. Look for trunks at Container Store, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond etc, and every one you find will be larger than that by two or three inches. How strict are they? Is it worth it to risk it? If it's that big, will it be overweight when full already, so don't bother?

We've sold the kitchen table, and have buyers for most other things. The dining chairs go tonight. The couches go on Saturday. The microwave goes on Sunday. The TV goes next Thursday. The house gets emptier and emptier.

But I get fuller and fuller. Excited to go:)

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