Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shots, flights, and dates.

Things I Learned this Week:

1. Shots required for Haiti are hep a, hep b, typhoid, rabies. If you plan to travel to Argentina, Brazil, Panama, or Peru, you should also have yellow fever.

2. Haiti is at high risk for malaria. You can buy treated bed nets at or

3. It takes two days to fly to Haiti from Dallas on American. American flies to Port-au-Prince from Miami twice each day, in the 6 and 9 am hours, and they don't offer any flights from Dallas to Miami that get you there early enough to make those two flights. So you have to fly to Miami the night before and then catch the early-am flight out.

4. We received a 2009-2010 school calendar from Quisqueya. The spring semester will start on Tuesday, January 5. If we wanted to move a week early, we would leave on Monday, December 28 (and arrive in Haiti on Tuesday, December 29). Yikes! That makes it all feel very real, and soon.

Other notable calendar info: February 15-19 is "Carnival Break", there are 4 days off for Easter, there is a day off in May for "Flag Day", and Quisqueya graduation is Saturday, May 29. That Monday is Memorial Day, so I imagine we would fly home for the summer on Tuesday, June 1.

Fall 2010 first day of school is August 17, 2010. That means we'd be off from June 1 to early August- 10 weeks! What to do during that time? Work, save, ministry, travel?

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