Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you, Half Price Books

We're trying to prepare as best we can. Of course, we have really no idea how to adequately prepare for something this big, this life-changing. This weekend I read two books:Wess Stafford is the president of Compassion International. He was also a victim of physical and sexual abuse as a child at the hands of his teachers and staff at an international Christian school for missionary kids- exactly the type of children (for the most part) we'll be teaching in Haiti. This book made me weep. In addition to his personal story, it made an incredible case for the Bible demonstrating how God values children, and might even prefer them for his biggest, most important assignments.Francis Chan's Crazy Love rocked my entire world. As soon as my husband finishes it, I've got about 2349875 pages bookmarked to share with you. Stay tuned.
Kendall, a friend I met in Colorado Springs last weekend, is a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua and highly recommended this book to help us prepare for teaching.
Dr. Tran, my Bioethics professor in college, let me know about this book. I've been meaning to read it for years, but finally bought it today. It's the story of Paul Farmer, a rich and successful American doctor who went to Haiti to serve the poor. Everyone I mention it to is raving about it.
I don't think they have Creole for Dummies.... Today at Half Price Books they didn't even have a single Creole book in the Foreign Language section. In the "obscure languages" shelf the books went straight from Arabic to Dutch with no Creole in between.

This weekend I was out of town in Colorado at an old dear friend's wedding, and her father works for an organization that has many staff members in Haiti. He reassured me that the school we plan to teach at is in a good neighborhood, next door to the Canadian embassy in fact. He says we are on Delmas, one of the biggest streets in Port-au-Prince, and that we are "uphill", which is nicer than "downhill". I saw on the news today that Hurricane Bill is up to a Category 3 with 125 mph winds. It may curve north, but for now it is aimed straight for the Dominican Republic and Haiti (same island).

We're still waiting for the formal written offer....... prayers, prayers, prayers....

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